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Make it easier to sterilize pacifiers, cosmetic items, toiletries and other personal items with a UV POD LED sterilizer box.

The more humans come in contact the more germs and bacteria are easily spread, especially when it comes to your hands, a child’s toys and personal accessories, such as cell phones, house keys, glasses, nursing supplies and other daily items. That’s why we created the UV POD LED Sterilization Box that helps you quickly and easily protect against antisepsis with powerful and safe UV-C light.

Designed for convenience, portability and versatility, these UV sterilization boxes are safe to use with everything from traditional manicure and pedicure needs, to pacifiers and baby toys, to smartphones, hearing devices, and portable mobile electronics; all so you can keep a cleaner, more sterile environment and reduce the spread of germs to keep your family and friends healthier.

Product Details:
* Professional UV Sterilizer Box
* Produces UV-C LED Antisepsis Lighting
* Compact, Portable Home and Travel Use
* Wavelength: 260-280mm
* Safe for Nails, Cosmetic Tools, Toys, Personal Items
* Guaranteed Satisfaction

Sterilize your nails, kid’s toys, dental equipment, toothbrushes, and other personal items with a portable LED UV sterilizer box from UV POD by clicking ‘Add to Cart’ above now.

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