Universal Silicone Glass Lid for Pots and Pans with Tempered Glass and Food Safe Silicone Rim


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Teeo’s Universal Silicone Glass Lid is a great fit for all your cooking needs!

There is no need to constantly lift the lid to check your cooking progress. The transparent tempered glass cover allows you to keep an eye over the food you are cooking. The outer silicone rim is heat resistant and extremely long-lasting. The cool-touch handle provides safety for a worry-free cooking experience. Clean your lid in a snap as it can be easily washed by hand or simply toss it on the dishwasher without shattering.

Special Features

  • Universal fit for 7.9, 8.7, and 9.5 inches (20, 22, 24 cm) | 9.5, 10, and 11 inches (24, 26, 28 cm)
  • Tempered glass cover with flat-design
  • Food-grade silicone outer rim
  • Cool-touch handle with comfortable grip
  • Steam vent prevents spillovers
  • Made with high-quality, sturdy and durable material
  • Ultimate kitchen organizer

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